Monday, May 19, 2014

About Me


Yoga has been a pursuit for 1/2 of my life since I was a little girl. I used to watch little kids in the temple, learning yoga. Having my father whom is not a big fan of yoga I was not allowed to learn. I was made known that, to learn this beautiful knowledge of mind, body and inner self connection, one needs a good guru, yoga taught wrongly could even shorten the life span of a human. Instilled with such thought, I told myself that I will only learn it when I have met my guru that have known enough about to teach me this wonderful knowledge.

MAYI was made known to me by my maternal uncle that was very involved in yoga. He invited us for the launch of the their first website. I met Master Manisekaran there. After almost a decade of that encounter, I can still recall the feeling and the energy in the hall during his presence. It was just overwhelming and too few words to explain it.

I learned that this society runs classes in several areas in KL, Cheras and Ampang at that point of time, whereby the  of the class timings were not convenient for me. My maternal relatives were very much involved in the classes, and shares some knowledge with us during gatherings and emails. I have practiced some good poses since then such as chakrasana (wheel pose), dhanurasana (bow pose), simply because the body flexibility that these poses shows makes it look really interesting. They even shared with us on the sun salutation steps, which they made it sound really difficult, as one set involves 2 rounds of 12 steps which needs to be synchronized with proper breathing in and breathing out. I thought I would skip that, which sounded pretty ambitious to me at that time.

As time passed by and I finally moved into my second job in Cyberjaya, I was made known of yoga classes being thought in a community club nearby my workplace and to top that up, it was being thought of one my relatives recent yoga instructor from MAYI, Master Navanesan. The timing, Fridays at 6.30 p.m. when workload at workplaces was beyond minimal having the weekend approaching and I did not have to rush back for anything, it just fitted perfectly into my schedule. Kudos!

My life ever since the 14th September 2012 have taken a complete 360 degree turn and still evolving. Each and every day since that have never been the same. It was a tough journey of enlightenment that yoga has brought into my life, but i have been enjoying the fruits of it ever since.

Walk with me through this journey, gifted by Great yogarishis. 5000 years of blessing.