Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga


Image courtesy of Yoga Philosophy Facebook Page

This is not something I am writing. It is a good sharing that I came across from Yoga Philosophy Facebook page. I think it is rare we come across, detailed, viable information such as this on the internet. As we all know, Adiyogi, whom we all know as Lord Shiva was the first guru of Yogic teaching to his saptarishis. That was way before in the 1st yuga.  Patanjali was the human to bring this teaching and spread it to the rest of the human kind. His final resting place, or the place that he attained samadhi is in India, i had a friend whom visited this place in India sometime early this year. He expressed the amount of energy flow that can be felt at this place is just amazing. I am hoping that I would be blessed to visit this place in the future. 

There are 6 sharings done so far on the 6 limbs. I will keep the rest updated as soon as we have an update in the Yoga Philosophy's Page.

From Yoga Philosophy Page

Yama - 1st Limb

Niyama - 2nd Limb

Asana - 3rd Limb

Pranayama - 4th Limb